Nov 27, 2006
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Christmas Appeal 2006: Help Us Help Those Addicted To Chocolate Liqueurs

Helping someone again this year has been at the forefront of innovative internet Christmas appeals since our inception in the smoldering dot com wreckage that was the year 2001.

Past appeals have included 'Free Throat Operations For The Shrieky' and 'Guide Dogs For The Indecisive'.

We have, once again, searched high and low across the world for an appeal that really will make a difference, again, this year...

This year we aim to highlight the little understood plight of Chocliqueuraholics.

Chocliqueuraholics can be found in all social groupings in every country throughout the world at this festive season.

Your money will firstly help fund our Chocolate Liqueur Support Service Drop In Centers, ensuring that those desperately in need of their Chocolate Liqueur fix are quickly met, before a program weaning those afflicted with this little understood, but deceptively delicious, chocolate and alcohol combination, can be put into place.

Chocliqueuraholics suffer abuse from both chocoholics and alcoholics, and are frequently kicked out of support groups as their affliction is neither too chocolatey, nor too alcoholic.

We say, no longer shall this discrimination persist!!!

Today, research has proved that Chocliqueuraholics need special attention quickly or their affliction could easily become a gateway to more harmful substance abuse, sometimes involving a Black Forest Gateaux dependency or a Cherry Pie and ice cream addiction, coupled with a chilled desert wine (such wines are being imported as we speak from France) or possibly Champagne or Cava.

This year's appeal aims to end this unfair discrimination.

No longer will being addicted to Chocolate Liqueurs be seen as a lesser problem to the giant problems of our time of Chocoholia and Alcoholia.

Please give generously, this time of the year is the loneliest of times for those suffering from Chocoliqueuraholia.


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