Oct 18, 2006
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Bush Calls On Standup Comedians To Get North Korea Sound Bite That 'Will Really Hurt'

Standup Comedians Asked For Help


President of the United States, George W Bush, has called on standup comedians to come up with a new nickname for North Korea or its leadership, that will 'really upset them', we have discovered.

A spokesman for the president said:

"The sound bite 'Axis of Evil' is no longer adequate to describe what North Korea is, now that they have exploded their first nuclear bomb."

Advisors to the US president say he has little other option but to resort to 'extreme name calling', and is said to be prepared to say things that no US President has ever said before.

Some suggestions that have so far been submitted by the standups include:

Calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il: 'Kim Kong' or 'Jong the Jughead'.

Refering to North Korea as: 'North Korevil', 'Nasty Korea', or 'The Half Country Of Cunts'.

However, with the possible exception of the last suggestion, all of these 'extreme names' are believed to be 'too weak' and are likely to not even make the North Korean administration even slightly bothered.

Our experts in diplomatic world-bating have told us that the most likely next name to be suggested by the standup comedians for the US president to use in his next address is:

North Korea: The Grandmother Fuckers Of Fascism

We understand that this sound bite has been suggested before but was believed to be far too strong. However, it may now be our only hope.


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