Oct 3, 2006
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Video Of Condi Rice Playing The Piano: Rare Jazz Form, Or Just Key-Thumping?

Condi's 'Bangy Jazz'

A video of Condeleeza Rice performing what is believed to be a free-form type of bangy piano jazz, has been found by one of our reporters.

Condi Banging The KeysBut experts are asking: Is Condi playing Jazz at all? Or is she just thumping her fists down on to the piano keyboard in a random fashion in the only way that someone who is learning to play the piano can?

Opinion is split between those who claim Ms Rice's new Jazz form is 'revolutionary', 'exciting' and 'invigorating', with others who say it is just 'pathetic', 'cruddy bangy nonsense', and 'not invigorating at all'.

Now you can tell for yourself in this exclusive video extract presented here in Windows Vision:

Launch in external player ('Right Click' HERE then 'Save Target As' to download to your hard disk)

Other comments:

"Ms Rice should consider giving up her job as Secretary of State and take up piano full time," Iraq Minister of Police.

"If Condi becomes the next President I do hope this video does not come back to haunt her", JH, Washington.

"If Condi is just banging her fists on the keyboard as some Jazz experts are saying, then all I can say is the Broad's got rhythm!" Jazz Tomorrow.

"Fantastic, it's what we invented the internets for," GB Jr, Texas.

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