Oct 29, 2006
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Dick Cheney To Supervise 'Dunk For Apple' At Guantanamo Halloween Party

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Vice President Dick 'No Brainer' Cheney has told this web site that he is to personally supervise this year's Halloween Party at the Guantanamo Bay camp.

The party is to include 'aided' apple dunking, where prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and are 'helped' by guards to bite into apples floating in the bowl.

Other games include 'nail the tail on the prisoner' and trick or treating where guards knock on prisoner's cell doors armed with baseball bats.

Amnesty International have criticized the party as yet another example of the Bush administration's choice of semantics when describing its policy on the torture that is going on.

Dick Cheney has assured this web site that prisoners and guards will be encouraged to enter in to the party in the spirit of the season.

It is unclear whether Cheney has arranged to go shooting during his visit.


In other news:

President Bush mistakenly pardoned a pumpkin last week in what is thought to be a Thanksgivings Day related mix-up, according to unofficial White House sources.


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