Oct 30, 2006
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Apology To Dick Cheney For Yesterday's 'Who's Penis Is This?' Competition

VP Embarrassment Special

Dick CheneyWe would like to apologize to Vice President Dick Cheney for yesterday's competition in which we published a picture of a penis and then asked our readers to speculate who the penis belonged to.

Out of over 25,000 votes cast, the clear winner was Vice President Dick Cheney.

After a detailed investigation of the IP addresses and voting patterns, we can now reveal that a Democrat loyal web site was responsible for hijacking the vote, and we have therefore little choice but to nullify the competition results.

Mr Cheney will not be receiving the 'It's My Penis' trophy and a check for $300.


As promised, we have included a selection of the comments the voters cast during the vote:

"It's Dick's Dick!"

"A disgrace! Only those in the 10-16 year old age range could possibly mistake a picture of a squirrel's penis for that of the Vice President of the United States of America's."

"Please will you refrain from publishing any more pictures of politician's penises."

"Not half bad for a man with a bad heart."

"A new low for your getting ever-more low brow web site. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves."

"A penis with the words 'NO Brainer!' tattooed across it? Well it could only be one persons!"


The correct answer was: The penis belonged to Mr Barney Rubble, of television's Flintstones fame.


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