Sept 26, 2006
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World's Ugliest Vegetable To Be Made Into World's Scariest Soup

Soup Spin

Gordon Crabby, the world's angriest television chef, has told this web site that he is to use the world's ugliest parsnip to make the "ugliest soup the world has ever seen".

Ugly parsnipHe told our cookery expert:

"With Halloween just around the corner, I want to make a soup that is truly terrifying, and what better starting point than with the world's ugliest parsnip?"

"I will be adding some really ugly tomatoes, a hideous looking onion and an obscene looking potato."

"It's going to be the most terrifying vegetable soup ever made."

Critics of the chef told this web site that, when cut up into pieces and cooked for the soup that, even though made of ugly vegetables, the soup will look like any other vegetable soup and won't look scary at all.

When we put this to Gordon Crabby he threw a number of saucepans at our head.

We threw them back and proceeded to choke him out until he cried.


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