Sept 11, 2006
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Makers Of Sugar Puffs To Sue Puff Daddy, Claim

World Exclusive

Following an out of court settlement in the UK, in which Sean Combs agreed not to use the name 'Diddy' in future, our reporters have discovered a new threat to the rap superstar.

Sugar PuffsThe makers of breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs have told this website that, following the success of the UK suit, they are preparing a similar action against Combs to protect their trademark 'Sugar Puffs'.

Combs has used the name Puff Daddy and Puffy on a number of his recordings.

A spokesman for Trademarks Today told this website:

"Many people outside the business may find it funny that the makers of Sugar Puffs are protecting their trademark against a rap star."

"But it's only a small step from calling yourself Puff Daddy, to Sugar Daddy, to Sugar Puff, and then to Sugar Puffs."

"That's just three steps."

"A holding suit, now, can protect the legal owners of Sugar Puffs from any future attempted trademark infringement. Word."

We tried calling Sean Combs last night for a comment but we don't have his number and the number we tried at random wasn't him.


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