Sept 18, 2006
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Pope Comment Latest: Catholic Anger Over Muslim Anger Grows

Angergeddon Special

Anger over the anger caused by Pope Benedict XVI's quotation from Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaeologus in a recent speech, could lead to a cycle of increasing anger that may only be stopped by the administration of drugs, according to a report we have seen.

Fears are growing that Muslims, already angry over the Pope's comments, could be angered even further when they find out that Catholics had become angered by their anger.

In an attempt to combat the cycle of increasing anger throughout the world, emergency services are preparing for a massive airlift of high blood pressure tablets to various hot spots around the globe. Teams of experts in 'calming' neck massages are also being told they should be ready to be flown out to anger hot spots at short notice.

But high blood pressure tablets and neck rubs may not be enough, according to a spokesman for High Blood Pressure Paramedics:

"It's a vicious cycle and it's difficult to see how it can be resolved without a few deep breaths and maybe a nice cup of tea together."

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