Sept 7, 2006
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Paris Hilton 'DUI' Autograph Appears On Ebay

Hilton Hieroglyphics

A Paris Hilton fan, who claims to have got an autograph from Paris Hilton minutes after she was arrested for suspected DUI in Hollywood this morning, says she has put the autograph up on Ebay as 'a sign of solidarity with the star'.

Paris Hilton Drunken Autograph
Paris Hilton autograph: The original paper is scrunched up as it appears that Ms Hilton had difficulty getting the pen on the paper.

The star is believed to have given up to 20 autographs while 'under the influence'.

The fan, who gave us a copy of the autograph, above, told us that Ms Hilton seemed to have difficulty starting the autograph off.

Professor of Autographs, Harvey University, told this website:

"There are at least three false starts, possibly five here. Ms Hilton is clearly in a befuddled state and really shouldn't be in control of a pen and paper."

A dealer who specializes in autographs of celebrities under the influence of drink or drugs, told our reporter that this could be a keeper if Paris Hilton's career blossoms over the next thirty years, or if she ever records a song that's any good.


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