Sept 25, 2006
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"Hot Hairy Middle-Aged Fat Guy" New Reality Show To Premiere This Week

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Hot Hairy Middle-Aged Fat GuysA new reality show about to hit network TV is set to give overweight manual workers their own chance at the big time.

'Hot Hairy Middle-Aged Fat Guy' is the search throughout the world for the ultimate beer-bellied ageing fatso who has totally given up on his body, that you hardly ever get to see on network TV these days.

The director of the show, Pete Galliballs, told our reporter:

"In this age of obesity around every corner, it's time for youth and beauty to take a back seat on TV for once.

This is the first prime-time network TV show to feature just the male 50-65 age group, all at least 50% overweight, and all in need of an industrial waxing all over.

Let me stress, this is hot in the sweaty sense, not hot in the let's get a room in a motel sense. This is not intended to be fetish television, far from it, this is a program intended to salute the hardworking everyfatman out there who just happens to sweat a lot when he puts in an honest day's work.

After this show Sumo wrestlers will look lean and mean."

The winner will get $10,000 of personal hygiene products and a made-to-measure shower unit.

A critic of the show told our reporter:

"This idea is in danger of scrapping right through the bottom of the reality television barrel all the way down to China. It's time for reality TV to give up and go home back to Holland where it all began."


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