Sept 27, 2006
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'Cause Celebre' Report: How Bad Can It Be If US Intelligence Is Using French Phrases?

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Democrats are pressing for President Bush to fully declassify the report leaked to the New York Times over the weekend, in which it stated that the Iraq invasion had become a 'cause celebre' for the recruitment of terrorists in the Middle East.

A spokesman for the Democrats, pressing President Bush to fully declassify the partially declassified report, told this web site:

"We are worried that the French phrase cause celebre is not the only French phrase used in the report.

If an American Intelligence report is using French words and phrases then you just gotta assume this is just terrible.

I think it's time to be free to read the whole report and, if we find that cause celebre is the only French phrase, then this will be bad but not a disaster.

But if we find the words agent provocateur, coup d'état, contretemps or even bon appétit, then it's time to start planning for a complete disaster, it doesn't get much worse than that."


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