Sept 23, 2006
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Arpu Is Approached To Write Introduction To President Musharraf's Autobiography

World's Most Famous Pakistani

In what could be one of the biggest changes in fortunes of an autobiography in publishing history -- "In the Line of Fire", the upcoming book from the president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf -- publishers have increased the initial print run from 300 to 75,000 copies.

This follows the refusal of Musharraf to answer questions about his claims that a senior member of the Bush administration threatened to bomb Pakistan 'back to the Stone Ages' if he didn't support Bush's foreign policy after 9/11, telling reporters to buy the book.

A spokesman, who claimed to be from the publishers of the book, told our reporters:

"Generally, the sales of autobiographies from Asian leaders are dull as ditch water. At least this time it's good to see an author who has an eye for marketing."

In an attempt to increase the sales of the autobiography further, our sources have discovered that Arpu, the Simpsons favorite, and officially most famous Pakistani in the world, was sounded out last week about writing an introduction to the book, which may now be re-titled:

"Musharraf: Not A Flintstone Yet!"

When we tried to phone Mr Arpu we were told that he was a cartoon and was unable to respond to our questions.


Other possible new titles for the Musharraf book are:

Mr Bush: That Is No Way To Be Running A War, You Silly Man!

Arpu And Me


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