August 24, 2006
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"Three New Planets Would Have Ruled-Out Iraq Invasion", White House Astrologers Say

Ceres, Charon, 'Xena'

The White House astrologers who unanimously recommended an invasion of Iraq in March 2003 based on the planetary configuration as it then was known, have told this web site that, had they known about the existence of the three 'new' planets, Ceres, Charon and 'Xena', they would never have recommended the invasion in the first place.

Marvin 'The Mystic', one of the astrologers who gave the White House his advice on Iraq as far back as 2002, told this web site:

"In early 2003, Ceres transected the Scorpionian plain of the Aresian parabola just at the wrong moment. This means that a March 2003 invasion presented vastly more problems than the limited problems we foresaw with Pluto transecting the Neptunion hyper-cloud, which was the state of the planets as we then knew."

"Now we know about these three new planets it does make you question the wisdom of going ahead with the land-based invasion that the US preferred at the time."

He goes on:

"If you look particularly at the plane of 'Xena' in March 2003, really it is quite amazingly retrograde to the aspherical luminescence of Neptune and, looking back on it, I have no doubt in my mind that the White House astrologers would not have recommended invasion knowing what we know now."


Coming up after the break: Was NASA to blame for the Iraq invasion? Why didn't NASA tell the White House astrologers of the other three planets then? Another case of one government body not sharing their knowledge with another?



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