August 15, 2006
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Pluto To Be Demoted To 'Junior Sidekick' Status, Says Disney Source

Pluto Substituto

Senior sources inside Disney have told this web site that the company is to consider demoting Pluto to Junior Sidekick status.

For the last fifty years the cartoon dog has officially been a Senior Sidekick Class 1.

A spokesman for the company told our reporter:

"The review of Pluto's position in the cartoon firmament is part of a regular reappraisal of the company's assets."

A spokesman for the extremist anti-Pluto pressure group Pluto Must Die, emailed us to say:

"Getting stuck in a picnic basket is really the height of Pluto's abilities as far as we are concerned."

"It's time to dump the mutt, downgrading him is just too little too late."

"We are calling for the dog to be put down."

To cartoon outsiders this may seem harsh, however in a recent internet survey of people with little to do in their lives, even the dog in The Simpsons ranked higher than Pluto, even though nobody surveyed could actually recall the name of the dog on The Simpsons.

Pluto's demotion, were it to be approved, means that animators specializing in the cartoon dog will have to get their own coffee, clean their own on-set trailer and stand up when Mickey Mouse animators enter the room.


In other news, Pluto the planet could be demoted to rubble, more to follow.


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