August 21, 2006
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Middle East Organization Shows Interest In Dell's Exploding Battery Technology

Terror Latest

A famous terror organization has told this web site that they are trying to find out how Dell managed to get their notebook batteries to explode so effectively.

A terror spokesman told our reporter:

"We have been trying to develop a machine with a 'this machine will explode in 5 seconds' feature, like they used to have in Mission Impossible. We could do a really nice animated 5,4,3,2,1 display, but the banging bit was surprisingly difficult. It looks like Dell has the answer."

Dell self destruct


In other news: Following the Dell battery recall, the official security threat of a person of Middle Eastern appearance with a Dell notebook has been reduced from ultra very high down to very very high.

In other other news: Coca Cola is to bring out Coca Cola Safe©™ for use exclusively on aircraft, set to be released in September 2007.

Breaking other news: Pepsi have just announced they are to being out Pepsi Flame Retardant™®©, which apparently not only tastes great, but can be used to put out fires, including small nuclear ones.


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