August 15, 2006
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Fidel Castro Plays 'Guess The Birthday Present' With His Friend Hugo Chavez

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Chavez gives Castro a present
Castro looks visibly shocked by what the present might be

Hospitalized Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was entertained by Venezuelan leader, and friend, Hugo Chavez, this Sunday, with a game of Guess The Present.

Mr Chavez wrapped up various objects for the Cuban leader, who had to guess the gift inside.

But the game has brought condemnation from pressure groups abroad, who claimed that, even though they didn't know what the present, pictured above, was, it looked really really naughty.

Since publishing this picture, has been inundated with readers who wanted to leave their comments:

"The present looks obscene, is he trying to finish the poor soul off?" XF, Dallas

"Is it a? No. Surely not. It's a bit thin isn't it?" JH, Istanbul

"My oh my oh my, if that's the latest in communist hospitality then I'm happy to be a capitalist pig." II, Kingston, Jamaica

"To be fair, we never get to see the presents Tony Blair gets George Bush." OP, Washington DC

"Couldn't Chavez have found a shoe box or something? It's simply a disgrace! I'll never vote Communist after this!" DF, Melbourne


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