July 17, 2006
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Sumo Suspended For Stomach-Slapping Reporter, Claims 'I Was Only Turning Round'

Attack of the Sumo stomach

550 pound Sumo wrestler Yoshinshi Isiswobblybelly has been suspended by the Sumo Society of Japan after he slapped a reporter with his stomach, knocking him to the ground.

Sumo stomach
Stomach that scooped reporter up and threw him into the air.

The incident happened outside Mr Isiswobblybelly's apartment block on Saturday night.

The reporter, 145 pounds, lost his pen and notepad in the incident.

After a precautionary hospital visit the reporter was given the all-clear and was allowed to go home.

Television viewers in Japan saw an apparently angry Mr Isiswobblybelly turning round to answer the reporter's question when his enormous stomach scooped the reporter up and sent him flying 25 feet into the air.

Mr Isiswobblybelly stresses it was an accident and he didn't see the reporter until he was 'already in the air'.

The reporter told our reporter:

"I was just asking him a question and then thud, kerching, kerpow, the lights went out."

"All I saw was this enormous stomach coming my way. I was powerless to stop it."

"It was surprisingly solid, not wobbly at all. I will keep my distance in the future."

Pressure is growing on the Sumo Society to force larger Sumo wrestlers to wear signs advising pedestrians that they can turn without warning.

So far this year 3 pedestrians have been injured in Sumo stomach related incidents.


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