July 26, 2006
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World's Most Embarrassing Email From Love Sick Computer Nerd, Is Now Most Viralled

Email Embarrassment

A love struck computer nerd has said that he now feels embarrassed after an email that he sent to a woman in the office whom he fancies, an email that he specifically remembered asking her not to pass on to her friends, has become the world's fastest passed on viral e-mail in history.

In the email, computer technician, John Jones, 24, who admitted to hesitating for hours before clicking on send, told the woman:

"Your eyes are like the deepest, bluest, lagoon and, when the sun catches them they twinkle with an otherworldly effervescence."

"Time stands still and my heart skips a beat whilst I sit in your chair fixing your computer."

"Your radiance is like a cosmic aura and fills my soul with complete peace and tranquility."

"You are like Christmas, Thanksgiving and a Computer fair all mixed into one sumptuous package."

Jones told our reporter:

"Oh Gawd. I am young and I suppose I will have to ride this one out. I am a romantic and not creepy at all, honestly.

I suppose that the email could be seen as being a little cringey in places. I don't know her very well, and was just trying to break the ice. I just felt poetic and romantic and I thought I would give it a go - it must be the hot weather we are having at the moment.

I suppose now that this email, which I definitely asked her not to send on to anyone, has become the hottest viral email in history, then the relationship isn't going anywhere. Sigh..."


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