July 30, 2006
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Beirut Names Street After Mel Gibson

Drink Drive Comments 'despicable'

Comments made to police officers by actor Mel Gibson during his arrest for drink driving this week, have come to the attention of the Lebanon authorities, we have learned.

A spokesman told us:

"The comments were very encouraging and the least we can do is to name a street after him."

Signs for Mel Gibson Avenue were quickly erected under cover of dark last night.

Israeli secret service quickly rushed out new aerial maps of Beirut which included the position of Mel Gibson Avenue.

Mel Gibson Avenue was promptly flattened to the ground at 0400 this morning.

Mel Gibson Avenue, Beirut
Mel Gibson Avenue, Beirut, this morning

We have decided not to repeat what Gibson actually said to arresting officers as all our readers can read it for themselves on website

A video tape of Gibson ranting whilst being breath-tested by police has a current street value of $20,000.


In other news. Entertainment. Lethal Weapon was the most popular foreign movie in the Gaza strip last week.


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