July 6, 2006
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Ken Lay May Be Trying To Escape, Authorities Warned

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Ken Lay Dead
Dead Ken

The apparently dead fraudster, Ken Lay, should not be let out of the sight of law enforcement officers for at least three weeks because he could be 'pretending to be dead' - that is according to the management consultants we have been speaking to.

Our investigations have discovered that Enron executives were all trained in the ancient art of feigning heart attacks, a procedure originally given to negotiators looking for a quick escape out of tense or dangerous negotiations in hostile foreign countries.

In July 1998 three executives from Enron all seemed to suffer from heart attacks simultaneously during a meeting with ministers from the Nigerian government. In fact they all employed the Heart Attack Method of Escape. They were immediately rushed out of the negotiating room and into an ambulance, which was then diverted directly to the airport. Nobody died.

Those trained in the management Heart Attack Method of Escape are trained to reduce their heart beat to zero and brain activity to nothing for up to two hours at a time, enough time to convince most people that the manager is actually dead.


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