July 11, 2006
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FIFA Urged To Support Campaign To End Insults To Mothers In Football Matches

Was Zidane taunted about his Mother?
Say No To Mothers in Football
"Say No To Mothers" - Latest FIFA Campaign?

FIFA, the football governing body, is to give its support to a new campaign, we have learned.

The 'Keep Insults To Mothers Out Of Football' campaign aims to stop players using insults to mothers during matches. It is believed that it was an insult to his mother that resulted in France's Zinedine Zidane headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi in the final, Sunday. Zidane was later awarded player of the tournament.

It is believed that players will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to stop using insults to mothers in matches, and will be asked to lend their support to a high profile 'Say No' campaign at all international matches.

Football Against Mothers
Football Against Mothers

It has been seen as a success of the Keep Racism out of Football campaign that it was, apparently, an insult to Zidane's mother and not his Algerian ancestry that led to the headbutting incident.

A spokesman for the'Keep Insults To Mothers Out Of Football' campaign told us:

"The aim of the campaign is to get all insults to mothers out of the game completely by the World Cup in 2014."

"Today, insults to mothers are seen as an acceptable insult during a game, but they cause distress and hurt and it is time to stamp them out once and for all."


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