July 20, 2006
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Angela Merkel Expected To Make Full Recovery Following George Bush Massage

Merkel Injury Update
Angela Merkel in  neck brace
Merkel: Full recovery expected after Bush attack.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who seems to have been attacked by George Bush at the G8 conference this week, says she expects to make a full recovery.

At the time she did not appear to be injured, but next morning she attended all her meetings wearing a neck brace.

A White House spokesman said the president intended the neck massage as a 'friendly gesture' and did not intend to injure the German chancellor.

George Bush massage to Angela Merkel
Bush: Surprise neck massage that went all wrong

The spokesman continued: "Also at the G8 summit, President Bush gave a full body massage to Vladimir Putin, had a towel flicking fight with Tony 'Yo' Blair in the sauna, and swapped stories about the best breasts he had ever seen with one of the waiters."

Have your say about President Bush's massage/strangle:

Rob, Washington: "It's not like he slapped her ass. Get over it!"

Mary, Guatemala: "Claims that Merkel should sue for sexual harassment are just stupid stupid stupid."

Harry, Ethiopia: "She deserved it. President Bush missed an excellent opportunity to strangle the bitch."

Isabelle, California: "Isn't there a crisis in Lebanon at the moment that the media should be paying more attention to?"


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