June 26, 2006
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World Cup Debate: Is It Soccer Or Football? Have Your Say...

Soccer / Football You Decide

In the USA they call it soccer even though what they call football is more like a health-and-safety-in-the-office-gone-mad type of rugby.

Most of the rest of the world call it football. But what should it be? Have your say...

"Oh, the beautiful game! Delightful. It's like a cross between ballet and sport. I say, neither football and soccer are an adequate moniker for this sheer joy of a game. I say call it Pirouette Ball !"
"Why do they call it Soccer? Does anyone know? Football seems a better name considering you can only kick the ball with your foot. Oh and you can header the ball too. How about a compromise? Fooheaball ?"

"I am an American and football will always be football, and soccer will always be a game for the girls. Who put the lights out?"

"I never knew there was a game called soccer. It sounds quite violent. Is it derived from 'sock her'? And it's played by men? Typical. Well I'll not be making the drinks at half time so don't even ask."
"I played soccer at school and really enjoyed it. There were generally fewer injuries than when we played rugby, but more injuries than in the ultimate fighting lessons. I went to a tough school: the number of times I had a carrot and an onion stuck up my ass was incredible. I still can't look at an Irish stew without shuddering."
"I don't care either way. I am a badminton man myself and love nothing better than banging my shuttlecock over the net! Hurrah!"


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