June 19, 2006
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Saddam Look-A-Like Arrested For Speeding

Saddam Zoom

A sign that the new authorities in Iraq are making some, small, change to law and order occurred last night after a Saddam look-a-like was successfully convicted under speeding laws, the first such conviction in over 25 years.

Ichma Burgonson, aka Saddam number 6, was arrested after he was caught going 70mph in a 50mph zone.

Before the invasion, the 20 or so officially employed Saddam look-a-likes were immune from prosecution as judges, and law enforcement officers, feared accidentally prosecuting Saddam himself.

Mr Burgonson was working as a pizza delivery 'logistics liaison officer' (aka pizza delivery boy) when he was arrested.

In mitigation, he told the court that it was essential for a Saddam look-a-like to get the pizza delivered on time because customers had proven 'particularly unwilling to tip him for a tardy service in some neighborhoods'.

Mr Burgonson's lawyer told the court that his client felt he had to increase his speed after he took a wrong turning.


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