June 27, 2006
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ Divorce Apology Exclusive

"Nicole Kidman To Divorce", An Exclusive Apology

Kidman / Urban Union would like to apologize to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for the story that we ran on Sunday claiming that the couple are about to divorce.

The couple only married on Saturday, we are assured.

The error occurred because of our new Chinese free-to-download story management software which we installed on our story servers at the weekend.

The headline was, of course, referring to her divorce to movie star Tom Cruise, who she did actually divorce a number of years ago. prides itself on the accuracy of our spoofs and have taken measures to stop this kind of error happening again.

While we are on the subject, we might as well apologize for the other stories that slipped through which included:

Monica Lewinsky VP In Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign, Exclusive
"I'm Sorry For Being Arrogant", says Donald Rumsfeld
Ultimate Fighting Champ Ate My Hamster
VP Cheney Drowns Friend In Fishing Incident
Humpty Dumpty To Sue Army, Negligence
Man Cries Over Spilt Milk
Anti-Aging Cream Manufacturer Sued By Woman Who Reaches 60
Brokeback Mountain Leads To Increase In Men Using Coat Hangers, Exclusive



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