June 20, 2006
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Nicole Kidman To Marry This Saturday, Say Newspaper Astrologers

Kidman / Urban Union

One of the first publicly confirmed predictions to come out of the newly formed Newspaper Horoscope and Astrologers Union, NHAU, is the prediction that Nicole Kidman is to marry Keith Urban in Sydney this weekend.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Ms Kidman is pregnant with Urban's baby. These rumors were published after Kidman looked a 'little tubby' in a photo when she was returning to her home from a little light shopping. But the first tip-off that something was up came from the NHAU.

The Newspaper Horoscope and Astrologers Union was formed in January this year to help coordinate the increasing number of entertainment based predictions that the founder members of the Union had 'channeled' or 'seen in the planets' in the previous year.

The NHAU was one of the prominent sources in the "Katie Holmes is to give birth to her baby (with Tom Cruise) in silence" story that circulated across the internet, we can now confirm.

An editor of a large US based newspaper, which is a client of the NHAU, told us:

"In these days of fast and furious reporting, there sometimes is no alternative but to consult astrologers, soothsayers and tarot readers for some stories."

"More often than not the actual facts then come in to the news desk later. But if we wait for 'confirmation' the story has already come out in another media outlet and the exclusive is lost."


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