June 29, 2006
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Naked Britney Spears Pictures, Not Used In Harper's Bazaar, Offered To Newspapers

Harper's Bazaar Bizarre

Pictures believed to be superfluous shots from the Harper's Bazaar shoot in which Britney Spears posed nude whilst pregnant, have been offered to newspapers and websites, we can reveal.

The person who called us to offer us the photographs claimed that the pictures were 'the nudest ever'.

The 17 pictures being offered are said to show images of Ms Spears that her management decided were too nude for general publication.

The pictures we were offered included shots of her walking into a room, drinking a cup of coffee, petting a small dog, riding a bicycle and reading a newspaper.

Some of the pictures are described as being a 'extremely nude but very very blurry'.

If published, the pictures could immediately become the publishing sensation of the year, pushing the Shiloh baby pictures down to number two in the top ten of sensational pictures so far. has a policy of not bidding more than $1.54 for such images. Our offer was rejected with a rude sound.


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