June 14, 2006
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A reader asks: "I am choreographing a Broadway Musical. I am torn between "kick turn turn turn kick turn" and "turn hop kick, turn, kick kick kick turn? Which to use?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "Neither. Try Kick kick kick hop turn turn turn lunge, clap!"

A reader asks: "I simply can't be bothered to watch the second season of Lost, how does it end?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "I see lots of water. Fire. Crashy-stuff and punching to the nose of a chisel-jawed actor. And, wait, the cliffhanger... for season three.... involves the girlfriend of the monster they found in the first season..."

A reader asks: "I have a long, uncovered, position in pork bellies. Should I sell, or cover my position and lock in my profits?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "You made a profit on that position? Who are you trying to kid?"

A reader asks: "Who put the dogs out?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "I can see a heavily set muscular man with tattoos..."

A reader asks: "Oh great one (BTW is that the right salutation? I have never emailed a psychic before?), does this color green I am thinking about right this minute, go with my sofa?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "Yes 'Oh Great One' works for me, as does 'Oh Master', and 'Your Great Benevolence'. Even though you have not sent me any color swatches with your request, yes, I see that the colors match perfectly."

A reader asks: "Is Elvis Presley my father?"

Our Staff Psychic responds: "Yes he is."


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