June 5, 2006
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What Is Worse: You Have A Bad Haircut, Or You Appear In Google Image Search Under 'Bad Haircut'?

Bad Haircut of the Year Awards 2006...
We found the pictures, below, when we searched Google images for bad haircut...

To protect their identities, in a Lone Ranger kinda way, we have put on masks...

Bad hair cut 2

"Boing! Ding! Kerjing! How dare you! Bad hair cut? Huh! Hey, little secret, fell to sleep on my bed last night and the pillow stuck to my head! Oh come on. You only live once. If I hear one more remark on the street that I look like a pin cushion, I'lll.... SQUARES!"

Bad hair cut 3

"Hey, man. What's the buzz? Just chill, mister. No trouble dude. Bad hair cut? That's nothing man. Got any peanuts?"

Bad hair cut 4
"I hate you. I really hate you. Just wait till you fall to sleep and I'll get the buzzer-razor and you are mine, buster. Booooo hoooo!"
Bad hair cut 1

"Anyone want to sponsor me for charity? How many curlers do you think I can get in my hair at once?"



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