April 4, 2006
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Thanks To Our Readers For All Of Your Effusive Comments

A selection of our solicited testimonials

"Whoa! Now that's what I call a good laugh! My shirt and pants fell off!"

"The world is in such a state, and yet I just keep on laughing and laughing and laughing! Thank you If we cannot laugh at our current problems then we would be in a much worse state!"

"The day Vice President Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face I thought, 'satire has died a little today'. I just could not possibly see how anyone could write anything that could make me laugh harder and longer than I had already done so. But when I read your comments, sirs, I peed my pants."

"At last, funny humor about Denmark's ice ace Olympian Cranstichn Zimmerflible! Why is it that the world's media ignores him so? He is both a clumsy ox and stupid too, perfect for your website!"

"All this and I have heard that the guy who writes all this stuff sounds just like James Bond too? It's enough to make this ladyboy scream with excitement!"

" is a veritable muesli of witty prose, at first crunchy, and then, after just a few bite-sized sentences, deliciously chewy, all bathed in a cold, milky joie d'vivre, simply too delicious to ignore!"

"Your site is nothing but a dystopian parabola which has delusions of acute mumbojumboised bananas. It's just as well you weren't around on 11th September 2001 or you would have been invaded by now." [Ed: How did this get in here?]

"Each morsel of wit is poised upon the webpage as if'twer a bird awaiting to take wing. Delightfully frivolous, heartily lovable, a beefy joint of succulent juicy wholesomeness, and, once the laughter starts, there is simply no telling when you will fall to sleep!"

"A cross between the Muppet Show, the Ten O'Clock News and a documentary on penis enlargement. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

"You in the West underestimate how good it is to be able to laugh freely and at length. I have been a hostage in Iraq now for 35 years and if it weren't for laughter, I just simply do not know how I would pass the time."

"In fifty years time they will be looking back and remembering and saying: "Back in the good old days that's how they dood it"."

"Time is in such short supply these days that it's simply divine to find a humorous webpaper which makes you laugh in the first paragraph and keeps you laughing all the way to the end of the third one."

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