April 19, 2006
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Did Katie Holmes Give Birth To Her Baby With Tom Cruise In Silence?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have had a baby girl.

Her name is Suri.

Latest reports suggest that Katie Holmes was unable to give birth to her baby in complete silence, as some websites and newspapers had said she intended to do because it was 'what they do in The Church of Scientology'.

If you are at all interested in what a silent birth would sound like, it sounds exactly like this:

Silent Birth mp3
Listen Here (71K) never reported that Tom Cruise had asked Holmes to give birth in complete silence because we always thought that the story was unlikely.

We are still in discussions with Mr Cruise's lawyers about our story, 'Wacky Tom In Bedside Chant Ritual', in which we alleged that Mr Cruise intended to bang cymbals and chant while flashing a red light on and off during the birth.

It's not looking good for us so far...

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