April 11, 2006
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Abbreviated Version Of Judas Gospel Available In SMS Format Here

Cell Phone Theology

It's the publishing sensation for Easter this year!!!

But as we know you are such a busy executive type, and don't have time to read the whole 26 pages of parchment yourself, we've condensed all the best bits and then condensed it even more into SMS text form!

Judas apparently wasn't the bad guy who betrayed Jesus after all, according to the newly released Judas Gospels that is.

Here for the very first time in our World classics in under 30 seconds™© strand, we present the Judas Gospel for your fast reading pleasure...

The gospel shows a strong bond between Jesus and Judas:

Jsus 2 Jd@s: Oi M8, lstn 2 me. U r my top man c!

J@s: ;) K

Jsus: ;) Yeah top man.

J@s: (o)!

Judas was asked by Jesus to hand him over to the Romans:

Jsus 2 Jd@s: Go on an tell de pigs about me

Jd@s: 'o' really?

Jsus: It's all right M8

Jd@s: (o)!(o)!(o)! Dey R ofrin just 30 coins tho?

Jsus: 30 coins is dat de rate? Cheap Bs.

Jd@s: Not enuf den?

Jsus: Well, its de goin rate prbly.

Jesus tells Judas he is the chosen one:

Jsus 2 Jd@s: U will x-ceed dem all. U will sacrifice de man dat clothes me.

Jd@s: Can I quote U on dat?

Jsus: S'pose. Yea OK.

Judas feeling poorly:

Jd@s: O woa is me. O Woa. O Woa etc


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