April 27, 2006
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'The Pollock Code' Book Sparks New Controversy

Painting Secrets Revealed
A new book, published today, claims that the abstract artist, Jackson Pollock, coded secret facts about the Holy Grail in his works.

The book 'The Pollock Code' makes a number of allegations based on one of his paintings: 'Splashes On Canvas Including Yellow And Red And Black Lines With A Bit Of Gray In The Bottom Right Corner'.

The main claims are summarized below:

The Holy Grail has been flattened into a straight thin line, as seen in this picture (top left to bottom right)
Part of Pollack 1
The Holy Grail is hidden somewhere in London: This part of the picture shows the River Thames (aerial view) - the river is the white hill-type line at the bottom
Part of Pollack 2
The Holy Grail is gray in color. Observe the black half arrow clearly drawing our attention to the bottom right corner, which is mainly gray (it is too gray for this to be a random occurrence)
Part of Pollack 3
This part of the picture symbolizes The Holy Grail's rebirth, in the form of red flowers
Part of Pollack 4

An art expert told us:

"I expect you are expecting me to make a joke that this is all a load of old Pollocks. Well I'm not going to." We have a discussion of the facts in the Da Vinci Code Here
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