April 26, 2006
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Donald Duck's Criticism; Rumsfeld Gets New Nick Name

Disney 'May Still Sue'

This article reproduced with thanks to the Disney News Channel.


Donald Rumsfeld has been given a new nickname, Donald Duck, in press and army circles, after he managed to keep his job following damaging comments from a number of retired generals, who criticized him for being arrogant.

Rumsfeld insisted to reporters that he was no 'Mickey Mouse Secretary of Defense' and that "suggestions that this criticism [from the generals] would cause me to quit, were always just plain Goofy".

"The calls for my resignation were just a 'Silly Symphony'", he told one news reporter.

"Yes, I know I'm not exactly Snow White, but expectations that this tirade of abuse would lead to my resignation were always just pure Fantasia."

He concluded the interview by assuring his audience:

"I will be here loyally supporting Dumbo for as long as he needs me."


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