April 3, 2006
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Rice And Straw Arrive In Baghdad To 'Knock Iraqi Heads Together'

Condi and Straw Arrival

The US and UK Foreign Secretaries, Condoleeza Rice and Jack Straw, arrived in Baghdad this morning for an unexpected visit.

Their arrival has been heralded in the media as an attempt to "knock heads together" to get the elected Iraqi officials to form some sort of coalition government after months of failure.

It is unclear whether they will actually be knocking the heads together themselves, if they will delegate the head knocking to the security services, or whether this is just a euphemism and no heads will be knocked at all.

A couple of the pro-Western parties have said they are 'ready and willing to knock their own heads, if it will help'.

Critics of the KHT summit claimed that the knocking heads together idea was too simplistic:

"Head knocking is not going to help the situation in Iraq at this time. Our heads are not coconuts."


Condoleeza Rice was warmly welcomed in a junior school in Eastern Baghdad earlier today. She was offered gifts of hand made objects and handwritten poetry by the children.

Hachmit Iquabal, 6, had five minutes to write the following poem to celebrate their arrival:
Head knocky nick nock,
Nicky nocky nick nock,


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