April 18, 2006
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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Marriage Latest, Namibia

African Marriage

From our Entertainment reporter, Macy Blue:

Burning Shore Beach Lodge, Namibia
Location of (formerly) Secret Wedding

You join me, here, in Namibia, within comfortable binocular viewing distance of the Burning Shore beach lodge in Langstrand, Walvis Bay.

The weather is sunny, and the birds are singing as if to chirp: "The entertainment marriage of the year is only a toot and a pip away!!!" Yes, dear readers, I can confirm that I am about to report that Brad Pitt has finally married Angelina Jolie, and will do so the very second that word comes to me from my undercover sources inside the building."

As you might expect, security has been tight, here at the Lodge, ever since Brad and Angelina secretly booked into the Honeymoon suite two weeks ago and made discreet inquires about where they could buy one of those multi-layered wedding cakes with figurines on top.

As I stand here, looking at the hotel through binoculars, I can see nothing of what is going on inside, other than the security blinds put up to stop the undeniable certainty that a wedding is about to take place.

All I can say, so far, is that it is impossible to imagine that no preparations are being made for the couple to wed, and to fly-in family members from across the world for the gorgeously white-silky and smart be-top-hatted ceremony.

Everyone who enters and exits the hotel is sworn to secrecy, but, by the looks on the faces of those going in and out, something big is clearly happening inside.

One of the hotel maids winked in my general direction to confirm, "Brad and Angelina are inside and are about to get married", before a heavily set security guard approached and she scurried off before her eyes could give me any more details on what is The Entertainment Story Of The Year.

It, surely, can only be a matter of hours, now, until I can report that Angelina, covered from head to foot in Egyptian silk, woven by the Emperor's own silk worms, was kissed on her kissing lips by be-top hatted Pitt, handsome in black dinner suit and shiny shoes, to bring to a conclusion the most anticipated marriage since, ironically, that of Rachel (Pitt's former wife) and Ross in Friends.

Until I can report anything else I will be here watching the bricks and mortar of this hotel looking for clues. (Oh, look, a dog is cocking it's leg. Ew!)

More to follow.

Earlier reports of imminent marriage off the coast of Italy.

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