April 18, 2006
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Should LA Police Have Given An 82 Year Old A Ticket For Walking Too Slowly Across An Intersection?

What do you think?

The story of an 82 year old woman, crossing the road with a cane and her groceries who got a ticket because she didn't walk fast enough, has been seen around the world. But what do our panel of thinkers think?

"Crossing the road at one-fifth normal speed is about one of the only things old people have to enjoy themselves. Take that away from them and all you have is a shawl and a funny smell."
"In this day and age there is no rhyme or reason an old person with a cane has to walk so slowly. Get her a pack of huskies and a set of roller-skates at once!"

"Old people should all be made to agree to a minimum walking speed. Is that really too much to ask? Hic."

"Initially I laughed at this story and then I thought about it and I cried. And then I cried and cried and cried. Oh the inhumanity! But then again these were the same police force who beat up Rodney King, so looking at it that way she got off lightly."
"I only hope that the three strikes rule comes into force here. Two more slow-motion road-crosses from this old biddy and she is locked up for life. I have an expensive car and am time poor, the five seconds I would have to wait for this woman to cross the road could mean the difference between buying my paper and getting to the office on time or not."
"I heard that the cop slapped the ticket on her forehead and demanded the $114 on the spot (because her hands were full with the cane and her shopping). It's just bleedin hilarious."
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