Mar 21, 2006
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And Finally, A Happy Story From Iraq Involving Kittens...

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

We hear so much bad news coming out of Iraq these days, so its nice to hear of a happy story from the country for once.

Mimi, the three legged cat, has just had babies, again!

Mimi - The Three Pawed Cat
Three legged cat

Mimi came to the world's attention back in 2003 as Baghdad Bob's stooge.

Bob would pull Mimi out from an inside pocket in his combat jacket on those rare occasions when he was stumped for a comment.

Kitten with eye patch
Louis IIIV, Mimi's newest kitty

Mimi was thought to have been crushed and burnt to dust under a five thousand pound bomb dropped on the complex she was lapping at her bowl of milk at the time in.

But it happily turns out that news of her squishing was premature.

As it happens, Mimi, despite only having three legs, managed to escape from the bomb attack and found safety until danger passed.

Her new owner told our reporter that she has had babies every year since, all of which are healthy four-legged animals.

So, it's well done to Mimi from everyone here at the station... Awwwwwww!

Good night.

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