Mar 7, 2006
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ Brokeback Heartbreak

Have Your Say: So, Brokeback Mountain Didn't Win Best Picture Oscar, How Shocked Were You?

"It's like they build up your hopes just to bring them crashing down around your ankles, don't they? Movie lovie bastards."
"If there is one thing I have learned in this business it is to not count your checked shirts before they're laundered."
"Damn, I was particularly looking forward to the Brokeback Mountain after Oscars party. Apparently it was going to be topless - just the men topless you understand, but when you're this drunk I say who cares?"
"Well, as they say: 'Many a muck makes a muckle'."
"I am devastated. Does this mean I will have to just do fishing on my next fishing trip with my buddies?"
"I had a homosexual encounter like that once. I have never been able to look a Frankfurter sausage in the face since."

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