Mar 16, 2006
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24 Hour Restaurants To Offer Ambien Influenced Customers Free Starter Course

Sleep Walk, Drive, Eat, Drive, Walk Special

A manager of a 24-hour restaurant told this webpaper:

"Now, let's get this into perspective, the number of Ambien influenced customers is small, but it is undeniable that they are becoming a useful table-filling customer base in the 2am-4am graveyard shift."

The number of Ambien influenced customers who get into their cars during the sleeping hours, drive to a 24 hour restaurant, eat a meal, and then drive home to wake up not remembering anything, is unknown, but rising, our sources assure us.

Some diners only become aware they went out for a meal at night when the bill appears on their credit card, or they find tomato ketchup sachets and napkins on their pillow.

Hugh Halibut, Manager of 24 Hour Prawns, Orlando:

"It's not like it's Ambien-zombie-ville in the 24 hour restaurant business at night, but it cannot be denied that their business is growing, and they're just great tippers."

"The typical Ambien influenced customer is quiet and polite and only rarely needs help to be propped up straight during the meal."

In an attempt to attract more sleep-diners, The Association of 24 Hour Eateries are to fund a discreet publicity campaign to attract Ambien customers to drive to their establishments at night whilst still in the 'Ambien-zone'.

Local radio stations will broadcast addresses of open restaurants in the 2am-4am period targeted at sleep-drivers for a trial period beginning Monday, with details of how customers can get their free starter course...

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