Feb 14, 2006
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Have Your Say: The Dick Cheney Hunting Incident

"Hell, if the Vice President can't shoot who he wants who can?"
"Surely Haliburton do protective helmets and bullet proof clothing that hunting buddies of Dick Cheney can wear? It's a small price to pay for the gift of sight."
"I would be happy to go hunting with Dick Cheney. Oh I'm so depressed I want to kill myself."
"It would be one of the proudest moments in my life to be shot in the face by the Vice President of the United States of America."
"I am glad a Republican got it in the kisser. Why doesn't the fact that a VP shoots quail make the headlines? Power to the little birdees!!!"
"I'm more of a moose hunting man myself. Quail feathers just get in me teeth."

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