Feb 04, 2006
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Six Other Cartoons From Denmark That Caused A Riot

Cartoon Controversy

Who said the Danish don't have a sense of humor?

Below, the top six other cartoons from Denmark that caused a riot, ignoring the one that is causing the riots at the moment...

Cartoon title: "The Multiple Personalities of a Prime Minister Deciding Whether To Support War In Iraq Or Not Using the Metaphor of Fish. 2003."
Herdgberg Hoorshcts' famous (in Scandinavia) cartoon, which, famously, led to anonymous death threats from an address believed to be in Washington DC, USA. The Danish tabloid press immediately made the link to the White House, but this remains unproved in spite of a recorded telephone call which bares some characteristics to Dick Cheney nipping his nose. Three people and a dog rioted.
Cartoon Title: "Saddam Hussein: You Are A Bad Bad Bad Bad Man!"
Juonqonk Wellsocks' controversial, some would say furry-animalist, depiction of Saddam Hussein ill treating a farm filled with sheep and rabbits. In the cartoon Hussein is drawn trying to force a fully grown rabbit into a jam jar, while using a clearly distressed sheep for a seat. Three animal rights protesters rioted.
Cartoon Title: "Green Vagina in a Red Dress at the Kitchen Sink"

Monschen Gladbicks' modern masterpiece. In this cartoon a grass-coated vagina is depicted wearing a red dress while doing housework. Gladbick is a leading cartoonist in the influential Danish Kitchenist Movement which uses the depiction of kitchen items in its satirical cartoons to emphasize how international politics is influenced by kitchen utensils. Gladbick was severely criticized by a local kitchen supply store who have since put the cartoonist on their refuse to deliver to her home list. The number of rioters went unreported, but is believed to be made up of more than 4 delivery men.

Cartoon Title: "Urchi This, Sucker!"

The Legend Of The Urchi is a well known Scandinavian fable of a horse who changes into a mouse so that it can eat the cheese offered by the God Of Dairy Products, before turning back into a horse again, fully nourished. The fable is widely hated by Jehovah Witnesses throughout Scandinavia who believe that the Dairy God represents the 'Devil Milkman' and, thus, provides competition to Jehovah's Witnesses in the country who knock on doors to give their doorstep 'sermons'.

This cartoon, by celebrated British cartoonist Henry Knobsworth, became inflammatory and lead to the Dairy God Riots of 1973 which left five horses dead. The number of dead mice was never reported but could have been as high as three. Over four Jehovah's Witnesses suffered bruises to their upper arms.

Cartoon Title: "Humpty Dumpty Contemplates" also known as "A Satire On Hitler's Transient Indeterminacy Of The German Position As Regards To Invasion Of The Scandinavian Countries During The Second World War Using The Metaphor of Socks"

Jenna Jensichfluurvel's initially anti-Nazi cartoon, depicts Adolf Hitler confused by the decision of which pair of socks he is to put on (the socks take the outline of the countries of Scandinavia). Jensichfluurvel was to be arrested and tortured by the Nazi's for three months over this cartoon before she finally agreed to redraw the cartoon altering the image of Adolf Hitler to Humpty Dumpty.

News of the resulting riots was suppressed by Nazi authorities at the time, but is thought to have included an infuriated Hitler rioting in his German mansion.

Cartoon Title: "Birdy! Birdy! How Contraire?"
Hendrich Artlefarkle's 2005 cartoon about avian flu causes a street disturbance and considerable amount of bird feces being thrown, after a local bird breeder thought he recognized a bird from his aviary in the cartoon.

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