Feb 28, 2006
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Hollywood Pays Tribute To Silent Era's Last 'Boing Man' (Inc Video)

Silent boings

Herbert Smith, 108, has died. He was the last surviving Boing Man from the golden age of silent movies.

Herbert was one of the most popular Boing Men in Los Angeles during the 1920's, and one of the few who could be relied on to time his 'boings' and 'dings' accurately for an entire 90 minute feature.

Boing Men were employed to add 'boings' and 'dings' to silent movies to add comedic effect in an era before motion pictures had sound.

At the height of their popularity there were over 250 Boing Men in the Los Angeles area alone, each offering a specialization. Herbert's specialty was that he was one of the few who could 'boing' and 'ding' at the same time.

The demand for Boing Men collapsed with the advent of talking motion pictures, but Herbert has left a legacy which is difficult to ignore.

Exclusively, here on, we present our tribute to Herbert in a small collection of shots from The General with some of Herbert's finest 'boings' and 'dings' added as a tribute to this great entertainer of years gone by.

Silent Movie Boing Man Tribute
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