Feb 22, 2006
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Hallucinogenic Tea Can Be Consumed To 'Develop New Plans For Iraq' Says Court

Hoasca Tea

Washington DC, USA: The Supreme Court has ruled that a White House policy group is permitted to drink the controversial hallucinogenic Hoasca Tea when 'trying to develop a new strategy to deal with the escalating crisis in Iraq'.

The tea, from the Amazon in Brazil, enables users to understand things on 'a higher level of consciousness', or so our dealer assures us.

A spokesman for the Bush administration told this website:

"The psychoactive beta-carboline alkaloids harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine, contained in the Hoasca Tea, help me think more fully, man. It's, like, a complete necessity in understanding the ramifications of our ongoing policy position in the Middle East with specific interest in the short-term consequences of a more... oh, sorry, I've forgotten what I'm talking about, where was I?"

Another White House official, speaking on behalf of the group, told us:

"The tea helps free our souls from corporeal confinement and facilitates access to the realms of alternate reality, allowing for a variety of magical experiences, including accessing communication with the spirits of earlier administrations, heavy dude man."

The policy group is believed to be particularly interested in speaking with Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy.


In other news: We have been asked to point out that yesterday's story: Pepsi To Bring Out New Hoasca Flavor Soft Drink was factually wrong on a number of levels, including the main claim that George Bush prefers Pepsi to Coca Cola.

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