Feb 6, 2006
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World Stands On Brink Of First Satire World War

"We will fight them on the pages"

From our satire war reporter, Ed Furrow,

War Satiritorial

You join me, here, crouched under a table in the offices of, one of the world's largest western news satire sites, scared to get a cup of coffee and fearful of leaving the office to get bagels or croissants as it is possible that the world's first satire world war is about to kick-off fully and in earnest at any moment.

In these tense prewar days, there is one thing that is clear:

This will be a war drawn like no other that mankind has ever seen.

Dangerous bombs of wit and bile thrown across country and faith, in magazines and on the internet, in cartoon form and using the method of the written word.

The world's bow-ey type faiths set against the pray-ey type ones.

Young people across the world who, previously, had no interest in learning grammar, syntax and spelling, all rushing to come to the defense of their country, or faith, in one of the biggest comedy calls-to-arms the world has ever seen.

Whilst at this stage of the conflict it is dangerous to speculate, one thing is clear: this war, the world's first fully satirical war, will be one of the most viciously witty wars mankind has ever seen.

Caricatures of such evil detail they will burn themselves on to a world's eyeballs.

Witty headlines of such devil turns-of-phrase they will catch whole nations off-guard.

Our proud armies of men and women in tanks on the streets around the world, today are defenseless against an expected tirade of wit and satire and cartoons and murals the likes of which have never been hurled, drawn or spray-painted before.

  • Governments around the world will, no doubt, even as we speak, be considering the draft for all people blessed with the 'gift of satire'.
  • Armies of cartoonists will be kept on-hand ready to fight back with incisive wit at the shortest notice.
  • Barracks will be filled with humor writers working to decode the enemy's wit before it destroys morale or reduces an entire nation to an hilarious gibbering lump on the carpet.

Remember, readers, that this war could be won with the smallest of wits. Even the most insignificant of jokes or puns could help your country...

YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! promises its readers that we will be at the forefront in reporting developments in this satire war, apart from printing any of the actual cartoons or even describing them in much detail because we don't want to get rioted on or put into prison...

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