Feb 8, 2006
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Middle East Latest: Moves To Ban Danish Pastries, Jam Puffs

"We will fight them in the bakeries"

Pressure is growing on bakeries across the Middle East to stop making Danish Pastries, as anti-Denmark feeling escalates, we have discovered.

Cinnamon Whirls, Apple Puffs and even Custard Tarts have been placed on the banned list in many countries.

This development comes after riot police in Palestine reportedly discovered rioters armed with Cherry Pies on Saturday.

The violent use of pastries in riot situations before September 2005 was unusual in the Middle East, but has been growing since the publication of an offensive cartoon.

A survey, broadcast on Fox News, found five incidents of offensive use of Danish pastries in just one riot in Tehran, Saturday.

An expert told Fox News:

"There are real and credible fears that terrorist are planning to replace the apple filling in Apple Puffs with nuclear bombs."

Our reporters at the scene say that at least four windows were broken when protesters threw Danish Pastries filled with bricks and concrete slabs through an office block yesterday.

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