Jan 24, 2006
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Secret Porn Watchers With Plasma Screens Warned of 'Logo Burn'

See the burn...
Adult Porno Channel logo
Adult Porno Channel logo

Owners of plasma televisions, who like to secretly watch hours of porn without telling their partner, have been warned that the station logo can burn a permanent imprint on to the screen.

A spokesman for Songsing Technology told this webpaper:

"We would like to warn secret porn watchers that viewing any more than 6 hours of porn a night could burn the logo of the station you are watching onto the plasma screen, thus making public a secret porn habit."

Harry Rampton of Trailer Park, Baton Rouge told this website:

"I am a secret subscriber of Hump TV and imagine my surprise when Joileene asked why the logo for Hump TV had been burned on the top left corner of the screen. I had to quickly think up an excuse. But I couldn't do that so I was thrown out. I had to sleep with the dogs that night."

Hump TV logo
Hump TV logo which allegedly mysteriously appeared in Baton Rouge last week

Experts advise the changing of channels at least every two hours or to adjust the contrast on the set.

The owners of Tits and Ass TV, a subsidiary of Fox News, have said they are going to change the on-screen logo to TaATV to help out their secret subscribers.

In other internet news: An on-screen porn logo eraser currently being advertised on Ebay does not work. It is just a re-marketing of typewriter correction fluid for a television screen.

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