Jan 3, 2006
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ New Year Resolutions 2006

Our Readers Tell Us Their New Year's Resolutions

BP, USA: "I must finally make an honest woman out of Angelina. Marriage by June, I promise."

TT, Oregon: "I want to lose enough weight so that I am no longer morbidly obese. Down to grossly overweight would be just peachy!"

NM, Hungary: "Every time I fart in public I will say pardon to anyone in earshot - including to deaf people, even though it will take a long time to explain to them what I have just done."

DS, Sydney: "I'm going to surf only on weekend afternoons so that I can spend much more time showing off my ripped physique on the beach."

JL, Michigan: "I'm going to finally confess to the serial killing spree I've been enjoying since 1987. Happy Days!"

GB, Washington: "I'm going to cut down on my drinking. This year, less than 7 pints of beer a day, and take more notice when hurricanes hit New Orleans."

MP, London: "I'm Practically Perfect In Every Way so I do not intend to make any changes whatsoever, although, come to think of it, I do need a new umbrella. Spick Spot!"

HP, Hogwarts: "I'm going to try contact lenses this year to get on better with the laydees..."

XYZ, NewsAgency: "If there is a tragedy and we report that nobody died, better make sure to confirm that nobody actually did die before we tell everyone that nobody died."

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