Jan 11, 2006
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President Bush Forms Band For Super Bowl Half Time Concert

Breaking Satire has just discovered that President George Bush, and some of his administration and family, are to perform in a band at this year's Super Bowl Half Time concert.

The band are to be called George And The Bushettes and are to include Laura Bush on Bass, Dick Cheney on Drums, the twins on keyboard, George Bush Senior on the mouth organ and George W Bush on vocals.

According to our sources, Condeleeza Rice has not yet confirmed her appearance because of other commitments, but is expected to change her plans at short notice if Dick Cheney were to die of a heart attack

Donald Rumsfeld has been banned from the group after an alleged spitting incident which supporters claim was due to a head cold.

We have been unable to find out which songs they are going to perform, but will report back as soon as we find out.

A spokesman for the administration told us

"This is an attempt to draw a line under a terrible first year of our second term in office."

CORRECTION: It is now believed that the president started drinking alcohol again when rehearsals began for this band, and not because of the situation in New Orleans as was reported earlier.


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