Dec 23, 2005
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Top Ten Hangover Cures That Really Work

Hangover Cures...

As doctors reveal that no hangover cure works [link], we disagree...


The Wizard of Oz (1938)

Watching this old movie, generally shown on television at Christmas time, can lead to uncontrollable vomiting in the under 45's, which purges and cleanses your body.


Greasy Breakfast II: The Revenge

Vomiting over a greasy fried breakfast makes number nine in our chart. This reworking of the traditional cure-all is most popular in the 25-30 year and 80-85 year age groups.


Bungee Vomiting

Performing the bungee-vomit will set you in high regard in extreme bungee jumping circles and replace your hangover with a heady joy of life. (Tip: Vomit at the bottom of the dive to avoid hitting it again on your way back up...)


Mince Pie Smoothie

Mashed/liquidised Mince Pie mixed with milk, cream and ice cream, possibly with bits of Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and Turkey mixed in...


Hair of the Cow

Similar to Hair of the dog (ie having another drink like the drink you had the night before that gave you the hangover). Hair of the cow is the same, but you make a milkshake using any leftover drinks from the party the night before.


Go To Work

Going to work and then spending all day alternating between the water cooler and the toilets is one of the least expensive cures...


Visit a zoo with young children

Remembering the names of animals and where they come from is a guaranteed hangover cure. It gets the brain going in a nicely low gear and gets you into the great outdoors as a bonus.


Binge Smoking

Smoking up to 60 cigarettes in a small room with all the doors and windows closed, sometimes three or four at a time, will help fog the memory of a hangover and replace it with a nicotine high.


Ultimate Arguing

Similar to Ultimate Fighting but you don't have to strip down to your underpants and get all bruised and sweaty, which isn't really advisable in your condition. The first person to verbally submit is the winner.


Small Pet Juggling

Juggle small pets in the air (such as hamsters, rabbits, tortoises). The concentration required will quickly make you forget your hangover.

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